Technical Service


Technical Service


Common problem

1, the capacitor model KNKD 0.48/100 in 0.48 and 100 respectively represent what meaning?

The 0.48 said capacitor rated voltage 480V, rated capacity of 100 said 100KVAR capacitor.

2, the compensation circuit of the contactor need special capacitor contactor?

Do not need, using special capacitance contactor is mainly to prevent the capacitor switching inrush current. The compensation circuit is connected in series with a reactor, the reactor itself as theemotional, can prevent the capacitor switchinginrush current. Therefore the use of AC contactorcontactor ordinary on it.

3, whether a reactor with temperature controlcontact?

By the customer can choose whether to install the temperature controller, the normal state without setting the thermostat. Acor method of tunablereactor coil material the use of copper winding, the calorific value is far less than the market withcoil aluminum material, and temperature ratingreactor can reach F level (the lower reactormaterials used, quality requirements more demandingWen Sheng grade), therefore does not appear due totemperature problems caused reactor fault phenomenon.

4 sampling signal, PFC controller is how to take?

The voltage sampling signal of PFC controller for the BC phase, voltage is 400V; the current samplingsignal for the A phase. The working power supply of PFC controller and the voltage sampling signalcommon terminal.

How much is 5, the PFC controller panel hole size?

The PFC controller in the cabinet panel opening size is 138mm*138mm.

How to choose 6, fuse type?

According to the national standard, compensationcabinet fuse suitable type Gg (high breaking capacity of line protection using fuses).

Cable 7, why is proposed to select the load flowthan the rated output capacitor reactive current tohigh?

UEG USA electrical tuning capacitor reactor groupreactive in output at the same time, part of the harmonic current but also filtering system ofharmonic currents, so there will be a certain amount of flowing into the capacitor internal, and taking into account the environmental temperaturecompensation cabinet will affect the traffic loadcable. Therefore, recommended to choose the larger flow of loaded cable.

8, the influence of environmental temperature on the capacitance of the high?

Use environment temperature has great influence onthe capacitor, the environment temperature rose 8 per degrees based on the normal use of temperature,the service life of the capacitor will reduce 50%.So, compensation cabinet ventilation coolingmeasures is an important technical index.

9, iron core reactor can be used in outdoor?

Iron core reactor can not be used in outdoorenvironment, can only be arranged in the outdoorcabinet, if need to outdoor open layout of thewords, only the use of air core reactor.

10, what is TSC?

TSC Thyristor Switched Capacitor, is based on the thyristor as switching conduction medium, reactive compensation equipment to provide dynamic reactivepower.

11, the difference between passive and active filters?

The passive filter is through the capacitor,reactance ratio for a harmonic form a low resistancechannel, absorbing the order harmonics, achieve the goal of filtering, and the active power filter isissued by harmonic reverse to cancel the harmonic in the system.

12, sub compensation and total compensation is what mean?

Sub compensation is single phase reactive power compensation, total compensation is the reactive power compensation way, exist in the system of three-phase unbalance phenomenon, the complement toregulation of three-phase unbalance. While the hybrid compensation system at the same time usingsub compensation and total compensation way.