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Company Profile

With the development of electric power, electron technology, leading to the power quality deteriorating, is causing serious pollution of power grid. UEG according to the actual situation of electric power and industrial users, the power quality of electric power and industrial users monitor, analyze, and provide the system power solutions, to provide customers meet the requirements of product innovation, technology and service, for customers to create long-term service value and potential growth.


UEG predecessor is located in the United States, was founded in 1964, UEG is started with automatic control and reactive power compensation of power quality in the 1980 s involvement in the industry, is the earliest company of safety, environmental compensation is put forward, depending on the design of the complete team, ensure that for each customer \"tailored\" the most reasonable and economic security compensation scheme.


UEG is committed to the power quality analysis and solutions, based on the reactive power compensation and harmonic control, for each client to provide \"tailored\" is more suitable for their own power quality solutions. Widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, shipbuilding, building and so on various occasions, for the majority of the user's safety in production, saving energy and reducing consumption, improves power quality provides a reliable guarantee.

UEG (Beijing) company is the electrical co., LTD., strategic partners, enjoy the only authorized in mainland China and the Asia-pacific region, our goal is to service the Asia Pacific market. China will is the key of the UEG global growth, at the same time, the company will bring the first-class technology and services to customers, through the first-class product quality, comprehensive services and synchronize the world advanced technology to achieve the level of his promise.

In the future

Technology innovation is one of the important factors for UEG achieve success. In the energy field, we are carrying out a research into the new solutions, to cope with the challenge of the 21st century global energy.

Our solution is committed to the quality of the energy use and optimization. Our products will be to create a more efficient, sustainable and competitive new energy model to contribute, in harmony and achieve economic development and environmental protection.

Corporate strategy

We should take the market as the guidance, sales as tap, technology as foundation. We will also committed to abide by business ethics in business activities, and promote the harmonious development of the we are engaged in business activities. We will based on the \"service customers\" for the purpose, according to customer needs, build in electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, medical treatment of the comprehensive advantages of various occasions to provide clients with complete solution, help customers increase revenue, improve product competitiveness and reduce cost, achieve business success. In order to better meet customer demand, we need to brave in exploitation, insist on innovation.

The general manager's note

Opportunity is fascinating, innovative achievements in the future, the New Year opened new hope, new journey bearing new dream. Dream is what we create in 2014, the key to set sail for a year, we will closely rely on the market, in order to improve the economic benefits as the center, grasped the nettle, positive enterprising, solidarity and collaboration, bold innovation, to create a brilliant career.

Cultivation of talents

Our overall goal of talent training is: insist on lifelong learning, the idea of employee training, by building in line with the company's actual education training system, train and bring up a high political quality, good performance is good, the unity cooperation and a good image and innovative style of operation and management personnel. We want to be a style of Wuxi, exquisite skills, excellent company team.